Biennial Announcements for Community Research and Action - SCRASCRA Women's Committee Events at the Biennial<div><p><span style="color: #000000;">The SCRA Women's Committee would like to invite you to the following special biennial events </span>this week:</p> <p><span style="color: #000000;">(1)  <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Women's Night Out Dinner</span></strong></span></p> <p><span style="color: #000000;"><em>Who</em>:                    For Women's Committee members and other interested biennial conference attendees</span></p> <p><span style="color: #000000;"><em>What</em>:                   A light-hearted social gathering for folks to meet new and catch up with old friends</span></p>…</div>Scot EvansMon, 24 Jun 2013 19:47:48 +0000 to Public Policy Programs - 2013 Biennial<div><p class="p1"><strong>Invitation to Public Policy Programs</strong></p> <p class="p2"><strong>SCRA Biennial Miami, Florida</strong></p> <p class="p2"><strong>June 2013</strong></p> <p class="p4"><strong>The Policy Committee invites you to attend all Policy related sessions of interest. Please mark schedules accordingly.  We welcome new members! If you wish to join the Policy Committee, please contact the Chair, Judah Viola at</strong> <a href=""><span class="s1"><strong></strong></span></a><strong>. We look forward to…</strong></p></div>SCRA Web AdminSun, 05 May 2013 10:47:46 +0000 Exchange session at the biennial<div><div>An invitation from Jim Dalton, Steve Davis, &amp; Elizabeth Thomas (facilitators) and SCRA Council on Education Programs (sponsor):</div> <div>Come to the Syllabus/Teaching Exchange session at the biennial!</div> <div>Meet colleagues who teach undergraduate and graduate courses in community psychology or community research and action.</div> <div>Participate in our roundtable…</div></div>SCRA Web AdminTue, 07 Jun 2011 19:13:01 +0000 To End the War on Drugs<div><p>For anyone who wants to help show solidarity for the injustices that<br/> have occurred during the world's enforcement approach to substance<br/> abuse, there will be a Rally To End the War on Drugs during lunch on<br/> the Friday of the Biennial (12pm-1pm on 6/17/11). This is being<br/> organized independent of SCRA but is a great opportunity for us to<br/> show our…</p></div>SCRA Web AdminTue, 07 Jun 2011 16:34:46 +0000 Biennial Mentoring Program<div><p>2011 marks the fifth Biennial Conference that features the Mentoring Program.  It has always been very popular, but this year we are offering opportunities for even more personal contact with the 21 Mentors (who range from graduate students to senior Community Psychologists, both practitioners and academics).  The Biennial Mentoring Program is…</p></div>SCRA Web AdminTue, 31 May 2011 18:37:34 +0000 LGBT Interest Group Events at Biennial<div><p>Hi Everyone,<br/> <br/> I wanted to let you all know about upcoming SCRA Biennial events for<br/> people interested in LGBT issues and networking with others interested<br/> in these same issues. These events have been coordinated by the SCRA<br/> LGBT Interest Group.<br/> <br/> First, there will be an LGBT public policy roundtable on Friday<br/> (6/17/11) 4:30-5:45 in Roosevelt…</p></div>SCRA Web AdminWed, 01 Jun 2011 15:15:50 +0000 Learning Tours During Biennial<div><p>Chicago is a city of neighborhoods with a history that is shared with people from around the world. Community based activism has been a feature of Chicago's communities since the days of Roger Baldwin, Jane Adams, Saul Alinsky and Emma Goldman. SCRA participants will have an opportunity to share a dialogue with Chicago's neighborhood leaders and…</p></div>SCRA Web AdminSat, 28 May 2011 12:17:25 +0000 New Community Ideas at the Biennial<div><p><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size: small;">We think you have at least one good community idea. Can you share it with us?</span></span></p> <p><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'; font-size: small;">At the upcoming Biennial, we will be holding two sessions on Developing New Community Ideas, on Friday and Saturday mornings.  We warmly welcome you to join us for both.</span></p> <p><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size: small;">Why are we doing this?  In a sentence, because positive community change starts with good ideas;…</span></span></p></div>SCRA Web AdminWed, 25 May 2011 13:33:58 +0000 for Women Events at the Biennial<div><p>The Committee for Women is looking forward to a productive and energizing biennial. We have planned multiple sessions and would like to take the time to familiarize you with our biennial events:</p> <p>First, please join us on the morning of Friday 6/17 for our business meeting, location TBD. Anyone and everyone interested in the committee is welcome to…</p></div>SCRA Web AdminWed, 25 May 2011 13:09:10 +0000 2011 student travel awards available<div><div>As you know probably know, acceptance letters for the 2011 SCRA Biennial in Chicago, Illinois were sent out via email a few days ago.  It is with great pleasure that we send out this request for applications for student travel funding to the conference. <strong>This year eight student travel awards are available, at $300 per award!</strong>  The application for…</div></div>SCRA Web AdminMon, 07 Mar 2011 11:55:46 +0000