Early Career Task Force

Early Career Task Force

SCRA Early Career Task Force

SCRA Early Career Task Force mission statement:

The Early Career Task Force (ECTF) supports SCRA members who have been working as a community psychology researcher; practitioner; activist; or teacher or professor; or a related field, for no more than seven years. The Important aims of this group are to: (1) promote the concerns, interests, and issues unique to early career individuals within the SCRA; (2) promote opportunities for early career scholars to make contributions to or hold leadership positions within the SCRA community; and (3) promote formalized opportunities for recognition of professional accomplishments by early career SCRA members. ECTF will accomplish these goals by providing professional development networking, training, information-sharing, social support, and mentoring in order to advance the careers of early career professionals and promote collaboration. Membership is open to all with an interest in the development and support of Early Career Community Psychologists (ECCPs), including graduate students, ECCPs, and those with more established careers.

SCRA Early Career Listserv

The SCRA Early Career Community Psychologists Listserv is a forum for the concerns, interests, and issues unique to the early career stage.  All members with an interest in this stage are welcome to join.
To subscribe: 
1. Send e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTS.APA.ORG
2. Leave the subject area blank
3. In your message area type:  SUBSCRIBE SCRA-ECP Your_first_name Your_last_name (e.g. Fred Smith)
To post a message to the list send e-mail to SCRA-ECP@LISTS.APA.ORG. (Also, be sure that you are sending the message from the e-mail account you used to subscribe).

Early Career Discussion Forum

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