SCRA Representative to APA Council

SCRA Representative to APA Council

Rich Jenkins

Rich Jenkins - SCRA Representative to APA Council

Personal Statement

I am pleased to be nominated as a candidate for SCRA Representative to APA Council. I have been involved with APA governance in the past as a Member and Chair of the Committee on Psychology and AIDS (COPA), and as COPA's representative to APA's Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest. This experience provided opportunities to participate in the process of developing and advancing initiatives within APA and learning the about various APA functions. I have served as a regional representative within SCRA (Asia and Northeast) and am currently Past-Chair of the LGBT Interest Group, and a participant in the Practice Council's monthly conference calls. My current activities cross a number of substantive areas that are well represented within the SCRA membership (primary prevention and positive youth development, HIV prevention, community involvement in program planning and dissemination, diversity in professional training). I have had recognition from SCRA for my work as a practitioner, which has been in the public and nonprofit sectors. I have been involved in mentoring activities at recent Biennials and have recently been a part-time instructor in community psychology at a local university. From this background, I have had the opportunity to see how community psychology values, research and practice fit within a wide range of settings. I believe this will enable me to represent a range of SCRA concerns at APA. I seek to build on past representatives' collaborative work with other APA divisions to further SCRA values and will seek new areas of collaboration to advance these values as well as issues such as prevention, global health, and improved access to services. I want to be able to advocate for SCRA in areas relevant to community psychology research, education, and practice where APA has resources and opportunities to make a difference. Moreover, I believe that community psychology remains highly relevant to the future of psychology as many of the traditional settings for psychologists must confront changes in educational institutions, health care, and other structures that have defined psychologists in the past. SCRA's emphases on diversity, prevention, creation of settings, and ethical consideration of change have never been more important to the discipline. 

Irma Serrano-García

Irma Serrano-García - SCRA Representative to APA Council

Personal Statement

Foto IRMA-B&N.jpgThe guiding values of community psychology and similar professions include diversity, participation and social justice. APA, as one of the largest, most powerful psychological associations in the world can have a significant impact in this direction if it so chooses, although most of its current emphasis is on guild issues. Fostering these values within and outside of the organization will be one of my main concerns if elected to represent SCRA in APA Council. Diversity can be fostered in training of ethnic minority psychologists, integrating multidisciplinary perspectives to the analysis of issues affecting diversity and facilitating access of minorities to resources within APA. Participation requires broadening voices heard and opening venues for decision making for its membership. Social justice is strengthened by increasing diversity and participation focusing on pressing social issues such as unemployment, protection of our environment, aging of our population, health services, among others. 

Another of my interests is promoting an international perspective within APA.  The recent international conferences in community psychology evidence the strength of our discipline worldwide and the variety of ideas, interventions, research methods and training strategies that abound outside of the U.S. I am certain that this is the case with other disciplines also. In my experience in APA international focus has been placed more on Europe than on other areas which currently provide challenging ideas  such as Latin America, Africa and Asia. The time in which U.S. psychology colonized the discipline around the world are gone. It is important to actively look beyond U.S. borders for new ideas, and intervention efforts. 

Prior experience in APA will allow me to represent SCRA effectively. I know SCRA well. I have been a member of various task forces and committees and was elected to the Executive Committee and as President some time ago. I have maintained my links to the organization by attending Biennials and networking with colleagues. I have also participated in APA within the Committee of Women in Psychology, Board and Committee of Ethnic Minority Affairs, Committee on International Relations in Psychology and Committee on Psychology and AIDS.  I also represented SPSSI on Council, one of SCRAs' closest allies. 

I expect to join with others with similar goals within the Divisions for Social Justice and Council Caucuses. With their input and the guidance of our EC, I will contribute so that our voice will be heard and our causes furthered. 


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