Mentoring at the Biennial

Mentoring Program

2013 Biennial Mentoring Program

This is an invitation to students, early career-ists and those new to the field of Community Psychology to participate in the Mentoring Program at the upcoming biennial conference.  Offered at the last FIVE biennial conferences, the program consistently receives high ratings.  However, many of the target audience for mentoring claim they never knew such a program was being offered.  Consider yourself informed and please spread the word.

A consolidated booklet for the Mentoring program has been created so you can prepare before arrival by reading about the Mentors and the great opportunities for being mentored.  The Mentoring Booklet also will be distributed at the registration desk where you check in (Memorial Classroom Building).  The booklet includes a program overview; photos and brief biographies of the 19 Mentors; and a list of the mentored small group discussions (also, see below).  Carry that with you.

Elements of the program (all take place in the Memorial Classroom Building):  (1) Friday morning (7:45 - 8:30 am, breakfast - MM 312) Orientation to the Mentoring Program; tips on using the biennial conference to full advantage; and meet some of the Mentors.  (2) Small group discussions (prior sign up required, each group is limited to 8 people per group) at lunchtime on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Sign-up sheets for each small group will be posted near the Registration Desk.  First come, first served.  Only sign up if you are serious; the groups fill up quickly and it's not fair to take the place of someone who IS serious, leaving an empty chair. Box lunches will be provided to group participants.  (3) Individualized mentoring in which the 19 Mentors will signal their availability as they move around (or sit at) the conference, wanting to meet you whenever they are wearing their raspberry-colored ribbon saying MENTOR.  (They will pocket the ribbon when they are not available.)  TAKE ADVANTAGE.

The Mentors range from graduate students through early career, mid-career and senior community psychologists; also both practitioners and academics.  Thus, Mentors are available for every level of experience and a mix of careers.  They all are highly motivated to meet YOU. (In fact, 8 of the 19 were mentees at earlier biennial meetings!!) Also participate in a contest to obtain autographs from as many of the Mentors as possible, based on having a real conversation.  (Not: "Sign this.")

The schedule, Mentor/hosts and topics of the small groups:

Thursday, June 27 (12:45 - 1:45 pm)

Bloodworth, Michelle      How to combine your career and family

Chavis, David                   Careers in community strengthening and change

Emshoff, Jim                      How to set up a consulting business

Lounsbury, David             How to do community psychology in medical settings

Moritsugu, John               How to find and keep a mentor

Wolfe, Susan                     Exploring practice career options

Friday, June 28 (12 - 1 p.m.)

Bond, Meg                          How to become active in SCRA

Chien, Victoria                   Community based internships for community/clinical students

Fernandez, Jesica            A chat with undergrads and incoming grad students

Martin, Pamela                  How to use the community psychology competencies

Ozer, Emily                         Partnering with community schools

Yang, Evelyn                      How to search for jobs in practice settings

Saturday, June 29 (12-1 pm)

Beasley, Christopher       A chat with undergrads and incoming grad students

Hamill, Alexis                     How to incorporate community psychology in clinical settings

Levin, Gloria                       International development opportunities

Nettles, Christopher         Community based internships  for clinical students

Serrano-Garcia, Irma      Being Latina/o in an Anglo world

Tandon, Darius                 How to obtain external research funding

Wolff, Tom                           Being an activist community psychology practitioner

Stay tuned.  See you in Miami … un abrazote.

Gloria Levin, Coordinator of the Mentoring Program

(glorialevin AT )

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