Biennial Wifi Info

2013 SCRA Biennial Conference Wireless Access

Free Wireless Internet Guest Access is available throughout the campus for Web Browsing Only by selecting WirelessCanes and "logon as guest". 

Free Unrestricted and faster Wireless access is available for the duration of the Biennial by using the event code. An event code has been created to allow you to register for wireless access. The event code is 235581. To obtain access to the wireless network you must register your computer by following the instructions below:

  • Vista / Windows7: go to the Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center; for Vista go to Manage network connections or for Windows7 go to Manage adapter settings; Right-click on the Wireless Adapter and click Connect/Disconnect or View Available Networks, Select WirelessCanes.
  • Windows XP: go to the Control Panel, Network Connections, Wireless Network Connection, View Available Wireless Connections, Choose a Wireless Network, and click on WirelessCanes.
  • If you have an Apple machine, click on the Apple, then System Preferences, Select Network under the Internet & Wireless section, select Airport, and under "Network Name", click "Join Other Network". Enter WirelessCanes as the Network name, and Security is set to None.

Wifi canes.png


Open the browser to any web site and you will be presented with a WirelessCanes Guest Login page. Follow the link that says "Guests with an event code: Click here…" and the WirelessCanes Registration page will appear (see below)


 In the Registration page (below), please enter the event code shown in the first paragraph of these instructions and fill in your name, telephone number and contact information.  Your MAC address will be populated automatically in the required box.  If for some reason the MAC address is not there, follow the link provided for instructions on how to find your MAC address.  Then click Submit to continue to the next page.

Wifi mac.png

You will then get a page confirming your registration information.  If there is an error, back up, correct the information and click Submit again.  You will then get a final confirmation page.

 Reboot the computer.

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