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By Blair Coleman – July 6, 2009
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Reflecting on the recently passed SCRA Biennial, it is very exciting to see all of the wonderful progress we have made in policy! We have received word from SCRA President, Mo Elias, that in the upcoming three years the Executive Committee is making Public Policy and policy impact a top priority within SCRA. This is very exciting news and positions the Public Policy Committee in a central role within SCRA. This makes our efforts at gathering policy brief templates and development of a consulting page on the policy link of the SCRA webpage even more important. For those of you that were not able to attend the Committee meeting in Montclair, in addition to several new collaboration opportunities, our many Policy related workshops and roundtables were energetic and well attended. My co-chair Steve Howe was awarded the Second Public Policy Award for his long term commitment to SCRA and many achievements in public policy. We also had another very successful open Committee meeting. Here is an update of some of the projects currently in progress within the Committee:

  • Policy Curriculum & Syllabus: Nancy Bothne and I have been hard at work creating a syllabus for an online course in public policy for Community Psychology. Articles, modules and discussion questions are being complied to create the online quizzes, and film clips and podcasts will comprise the multimedia component. A draft of the syllabus will be sent out to the committee soon for feedback.
  • Special Policy Issue for the AJCP:  Steve Howe and I have taken on the role of editors of the special issue of the AJCP focusing on policy impact and implementation. The idea of a book series on policy was discussed at this year's APA and MPA. At the Biennial it was again suggested that a policy book would be beneficial and would fit well in the book series that SCRA is creating as well.
  • Bio-feed: We are in the early stages of collecting bios of those SCRA members interested in identifying themselves as a resource for policy makers and will begin posting bios on the SCRA website shortly.
  • Policy Link and Blog: We are also continually working to develop the policy link of the SCRA webpage as a resource for Community Psychologists and students. We have been blogging on the site and creating a dialog between folks with a policy interest and committee members.

As always, any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated! We are very enthused to be moving forward with these projects in such a crucial time for policy within SCRA. We are still gathering bio-feed information, syllabi and policy brief templates. And know we always warmly welcome new Community and Committee Members.


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July 6, 2009
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