Interconnectedness and the Individual

By Blair Coleman – July 2, 2009
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Our chair, Nicole Porter, has written a new book on policy for community psychology. She wrote "Interconnectedness and the Individual" with Nancy Bothne, & Leonard Jason and in it they address manifestations and consequences of not taking a community perspective to public policy. Taking an historical perspective, an attempt is made to offer a dynamic systems perspective, and to describe an alternative utilizing examples from: Social Darwinism, genetics, fetal development, brain plasticity, and the education system, to the international human rights movement. Doing this the authors call into question the goal of respecting all values and behaviors in a given society. Arguing against moral relativism the authors propose the necessity for foundational values and principles - that arguably already govern Community Psychology.

Called "Trenchant" by founder and forerunner of theory in Community Psychology, James Kelly, and "just what is needed for community psychology" graduate students Book News Inc. (Portland, OR) reviewers say "Porter (DePaul University) discusses the foundations of community psychology through a series of short chapters that use social Darwinism, genetics, fetal development, brain plasticity, the educational system and international human rights through the filter of the "Self from Nativism" concept. Written for psychology and sociology scholars who take an ecological view of the relationship between the individual and community, this book compares the needs of individuals with large systemic changes that are designed with the common good in mind. Other topics that are distilled through these concepts include Occam's razor, the Bell Curve and IQ testing practices in the United States."

We are extremely excited to continue to see public policy publications create an impact and become useful resources for the ongoing policy curriculum and syllabus.


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