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Better to Act and Plan than Wait and Hope

By Maurice Elias

I have received several emails about my first presidential column so I thought it might be a good thing to post it here, to encourage a wider dialogue. I call your attention to my last paragraph, where I ask, in essence, not what you can do for SCRA but what SCRA can do for you, and I also ask you to strongly consider coming to the biennial conference in NJ in June. We need to gather as a community, especially at a time when so many communities are feeling threatened by the global economic and socio-polit

There are no guarantees in life and waiting and hoping are not my favorite strategies.  In May 2007, my older daughter, Sara Elizabeth, got married.  She was privileged to have both of her parents and her spouse’s parents attend, and on our side of the family, she watched all four of her grandparents walking down the aisle.  It’s hard to describe what a gift this was.  A year later, May 2008, my father had passed away unexpectedly, my wife’s parents were in an assisted living facility,…

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