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OfflineMaurice Elias

In my waning days as SCRA President, I thought I would share some thoughts about ways to improve our organization and some of the ways that the Executive Committee (EC) and I have been working to set lasting change in motion. This is not an "official" position statement, just a personal one. I welcome all comments and feel a broad dialogue on how SCRA works would be valuable at this time of transition and opportunity.

During my Presidency, I have been working on transforming the mission, leadership, and participatory culture of SCRA.  A combination of increased SCRA resources, increased competition for people’s professional attention, the revolution in communications technology, and my renewed sense that SCRA has something special to offer the public have been my motivators.  While I have not accomplished everything I had planned, I learned a lot along the way.  I want to share my observations,…

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OfflineMaurice Elias

I am writing this after a most successful 12th Biennial Conference at Montclair State University, moving toward the close of my tenure as SCRA President. As I said at the Biennial, SCRA is at a crossroads. We have become a resourced organization and we are facing the challenge of how, as an organization, we will walk the talk of our mission statement and live up to the aspirations of our Value Proposition. I am devoting this column to articulating some background and, more importantly, some plans that ha

Becoming a Resourced Organization

    The source of our increased resources is AJCP.   As we have  become aware of the value of AJCP as a scholarly and a financial resource,  the Executive Committee (EC), under Anne Bogat’s leadership, pursued acquiring ownership of the journal for SCRA and a more favorable contract.  While the new contract was executed just prior to the biennial and we are gearing up to receive revenues, as a result of the AJCP contract renegotiation, SCRA will increase…

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