Twittering at the SCRA Biennial 09

By Scot Evans – June 17, 2009
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Hello all you Web 2.0 literate SCRA people,

Are you with Twitter or do you think its just a self-indulgent waste of time? Regardless of your level of adoption with this new technology, many academic conferences are experimenting with Twitter as a tool for communication, collaboration, and deeper participant engagement. It also lets those who are unable to attend to follow along. So, let's give it a whirl at the Biennial what do you say?

If you are already on Twitter, simply follow @scrabiennial09 for real time updates from and about the 2009 Biennial. You can also follow @scra for general SCRA news and tidbits. You can then look for other SCRA members that are following, and follow them too! Use it to find shared rides, pull spontaneous discussions together, announce dinner plans, network, whatever. Use your imagination.

When tweeting about the conference, use the #scrabiennial09 hastag so that your posts show up in searches. (more about hastags here)

Presenting at the conference and feeling adventurous? Create a hastag for your session and ask session participants to join in the topic discussion by tweeting about it using the hastag. I'd suggest something easy to remember like #scra + the session number from the program (e.g. #scra096). Participants can use the session hastag in their tweets to provide session feedback, network with like-minded folks, or simply continue the dialog after the session ends.

Not on Twitter yet but want to give it a go? First, learn a little using the links below and then go to to sign up.

Not into Twitter, but wouldn't mind following along using your web browser? You can view the twitter feed on the SCRA website or search for all Biennial related postings by entering scrabiennial09 into the search field here

For those of you who have not understood a word I've said, my apologies. We'll have good old fashioned pencils and a stack of sticky notes for you at the reception desk.

See you there!



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June 17, 2009
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