Tweets, Hashtags, and Backchannels oh my! Social Media at the Biennial

By Scot Evans – June 25, 2013
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Tweets, Hashtags, and Backchannels oh my! 

Greetings all, we're looking forward to seeing many of you in Miami very soon!  

I wanted to share a few words about social media use during the Biennial. Those of you who are self-proclaimed Luddites or generally social media phobic may choose to delete now to avoid catching any hint of what the rest of us are doing behind your backs. But before you go, maybe you want to sign up for text alerts during the conference so you are not completely out of the loop? Sign up for text alerts by texting 2013biennial to (305) 748-2875. Otherwise, look for very important announcements on post-it-notes in various undisclosed locations. 
SCRA Social Media Channels

Using social media to connect with other conference-goers (and those who wish they could attend) before, during, and after a conference event like the Biennial, extend the conversation and learning beyond just the live event. Prior to the conference, the "backchannel" enables attendees to connect and get to know one another. During the conference, the backchannel is an excellent resource for extending learning as well. Attendees (and those following the backchannel from afar) can share key learning points and expand on the learning by adding their own reflections and related resources. Backchannels also help reinforce learning after the event, as people share their reflections about what they've learned and how they are applying new skills.
Follow our official 2013 Biennial Conference Facebook page here . SCRA's twitter handle is @SCRA and the official Biennial hashtag is #scra2013. Learn more about the SCRA Biennial Backchannel here
Start Posting and Use the #scra2013 Hashtag

Hashtags are a way for people to search for content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine or similar sites and have a large-scale conversation that goes beyond conference attendees. It works like this: You post content (e.g. a status update, link, photo or video), and include a word or phrase preceded by a # sign (e.g. #scra2013). Then anyone can see every post using that hashtag.  

For example, future Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon does a lot of bits using hashtags. He'll suggest a hashtag, like #dadquotes, and then read some of the funniest posts using that hashtag (see it here). Though this example is silly, hashtags are actually powerful tools for collecting and sharing user-generated content. They are often used to share information related to an event, whether it's an emergency like a natural disaster, or a planned event like a conference. You can use the official SCRA hashtag #scra2013 to share content related to the SCRA biennial.

See what other people post about SCRA by searching for the official #scra2013 hashtag on Twitter or a similar service, looking at the SCRA Twitter feed on, or checking the SCRA Biennial tagboard to see what Biennial conversations are happening on a variety of social media sites. Then get in on the action and start using the #scra2013 hashtag on your posts. You can use the #scra2013 hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, or Google+ and get in on the backchannel. A bonus feature for Instagram users is that if you use the #scra2013 hashtag when posting new Biennial-related photos, those photos will automatically get added to the Biennial photo album on the 2013 Biennial Facebook page
Start posting and tagging now!

Get the Biennial mobile app here
Sign up for text alerts by texting 2013biennial to (305) 748-2875.

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