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Who do we exclude?

By Katie Thomas – 6 Comments

At our recent local SCRA meeting we looked at visible and less visible processes by which the poor are excluded from academia and other enviornments. Some of the points that were raised in relation to the Southern Hemisphere and the Australian context included the following:

Exclusion of single parents and students from low socio-economic backgrounds at university – structural inhibitors (book expenses, child care limitations, parking issues and expense)

Academic exclusion – intellectual pro

Dear All,

We would be interested in hearing student voices about the demography of their cohort.  Who do they feel gets excluded from academia and how?  Do you have friends and others who attempted tertiary education but encountered to many structural and other barriers to continue?  How could these barriers be addressed?  How can greater social support be fostered to include those who have fewer resources (emotional, social, financial and other).  What are your own experiences of feeling …

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