064. Science for Radicals: How Revolutionary Ideas and Thinkers Have Changed Science

064. Science for Radicals: How Revolutionary Ideas and Thinkers Have Changed Science

Most people think of modern science as an important pillar of society, something that is integrated into daily practices. However, this wasn't always the case. A quick review of the history of science reveals the field itself was populated by people who were considered radicals due to their desire to push society and science toward change. Radicals can be found throughout science from Galileo to the more contemporary works of Paulo Freire. In this roundtable, the presenters will lead you through some of the basic teachings of these revolutionaries and others as they struggled against the foundations of science and cultural normsThese theorists ultimately generated ideas that reverberated throughout the practices of forward- thinking scientists, policymakers, and activists. The concept of science as a change-oriented discipline lead George Salzman to propose an interdisciplinary radical science focused on altering the foundations of society to improve the lives of individuals.

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Leveraging the Academy: Suggestions for Radical Grad Students and Radicals Considering Grad School
By Chris Dixon and Alexis Shotwell, January 2007

Meyerson, D. E., & Scully, M. A. (1995). Tempered Radicalism and the Politics of Ambivalence and Change. Organization Science, 6(5), 585-600. doi:Article

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