2021 Biennial


Join us for the 18th Biennial Conference on Community Research and Action! 

June 22nd – 26th 2021

Uprooting White Supremacy

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Conference Program

The conference theme is “Uprooting White Supremacy”. White supremacy is the belief that white people make up the superior race and that because of this, they should dominate society to the detriment of other races- often in an exclusionary manner. This conference seeks to uproot racist ideologies, and promote equity and healing. We will create community to share information that can be used to eliminate systemic racism embedded in policies, practices and systems, and reduce the spread of hate and injustice.                  

The omnipresent and systemic nature of white supremacy is manifested throughout the work of community psychology, regardless of the specific focus of that work. For that reason all proposals should include a discussion of the relevance of the proposal to the theme of the conference.

The conference platform will open on Tuesday, June 15th. 

The link to access the submission page is: https://scrabiennial.secure-platform.com/a/organizations/main/home . You will then be prompted to enter your email address, at which point a second email will be sent to you with a link for the conference platform. The initial link will not take you to the conference platform.  Each link is personalized and cannot be shared.

All registrants will be emailed a link to the platform. You will log in using the email address associated with your SCRA account. Within the platform you will be able to see all the sessions titles and abstracts and select sessions to add to you calendar. 

Download the full Conference Program (This is a very large file. Do not attempt to print)

Download the Conference At a Glance (A grid of abstract titles and presentation times suitable for printing)

Schedule of Council, Committee and Interest Group Meetings