Biennial Guidebook

The 2015 SCRA Biennial Guidebook App is up and running!

Here are some tips for downloading and using the app. The app can be used on smart phones, tablets, and computers. For smart phones and tablets, please go to your app store and download “Guidebook.” Once you have downloaded it, please make an account. After you have an account, search for “SCRA 2015 Biennial.” NOTE:  Make sure that you select the 2015 version as the 2013 version is still accessible through Guidebook. If you are using this on your computer, go to and make an account. Then follow the instructions above for the phone and tablet.

There is a lot of information included on the app, including the whole schedule and most of the information that appears in the pdf of the conference program.  You can search for sessions using the calendar, search for specific presenters, search guide by keyword  for topics, or use the tracks feature to look for a presentations related to a specific interest group or committee.

You can also create a customized schedule for yourself.  For items listed in the “Schedule” tab, you can add particular sessions to your personal schedule, called “My Schedule.” There is one limitation to the functionality with this version of the app.  You cannot add individual posters to your "My Schedule".  While the Poster Session are listed in the “Schedule” tab, individual posters are not listed in the "schedule".  However, each individual poster presentation is listed in the “Poster Sessions” tab. SUGGESTION: If you would like to note individual posters to visit, you can make a note to your “To-Do List” instead of “My Schedule.”

Please be sure to check out everything else the app has to offer including information about the Mentoring program information, award recipients, our acknowledgments and sponsors, food and local attractions, transportation information, FAQs, and much more.