Pre-conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Policy Session

Our current political and social environment issues a clarion call to Community Psychologists and partners to apply their expertise and passion in the policy arena.  This summer, the SCRA Policy Committee enthusiastically supports SCRA members who would like to respond to that call. With the SCRA Conference in Ottawa fast approaching, the Policy Committee hereby extends an invitation to attend our Pre-Conference Policy Session.  The Session is open to all SCRA members attending the Conference and there are no costs or registration fees.  Following is a brief description of our half-day Session to help in planning the timing of your travel and arrival in Ottawa. We look forward to seeing you there!

When is the session? 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 1:00-5:00 pm

What are the topics?

The Session will cover a wide array of topics designed to help participants develop or further hone policy advocacy and intervention strategies and skills. This ranges from direct intervention at the community grassroots level, engaging the public through the social media, Op-Eds and Letters to Editor, as well as engaging policymakers and legislators to influence public policy and legislation at Federal and State levels. The Session also presents highlights from interviews of recognized experts active in various policy influencing arenas. The Session will conclude with a review of SCRA responses to the current political environment and attendee suggestions for future SCRA advocacy initiatives.

Who should attend?

The Session will prove helpful to all Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral level SCRA members who are interested in influencing public policy.  There are many avenues of applying Community Psychology principles and values by applying insider and outsider strategies, both of which will improve your policy influencing capacity.

Who will present?

Presenters include: Fabricio Balcazar, Dan Cooper, Christopher Corbett, Victoria Faust, Robin Jenkins, Ken Maton, Eric McNaughton, Ericka Mingo, Brad Olson and Taylor Scott.

Learn more about each presenter and what they will be discussing during the session.


Please reply to with your interest to attend.


TBA; Note: depending on interest, an optional post-session social gathering or dinner may be arranged (5-7pm).