Opening Plenary

Opening Plenary

Multiple Community Psychologies for Social Change: Hearing from the Southeast

The opening panel for SE ECO 2017 will set the stage for a day of reflective and critical conversations on the multiple community psychologies of the Southeast. The panel will comprise members of the SE Community Psychology community each sharing and dialoguing about their framing of community psychology: What it is, how they do it, and how their assumptions about the world, their research and knowledge create space for social change and the betterment of our communities. The panel and discussion will be 90 minutes long and will begin with a short 5 minute opener from each panel member. We will then break out into an open space discussion where people can congregate around threads of CP, before coming back to the large group to share and compare and launch our day together.

Panel Faciliator: Dr. Ed Trickett

 Panel Participants:   Dr. Dina Birman

                                    Dr. Dominique Thomas

                                    Dr. Scot Evans