Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference workshops are scheduled for 9am-12pm at Pacifica's Ladera campus on Saturday, January 27. They are free. Please bring your own lunch or join us for pizza at noon before the start of the main conference at 12:45pm.

Session I, Barrett Center

Challenging the Colonial and the "Import-Export" Model: Possibilities and Challenges, Serdar M. Değirmencioğlu

Colonizing Scientism: Social Darwinism, Eugenics, and Tortured Animals as Foundations of American Psychology, Oksana Yakushko


Session II, Room G

Decolonizing the Classroom: On Maintaining Mutual Dignity Through Radical Transformation, Amber McZeal and David Ragland


Session III, Room A

Pilgrimage: A Praxis of Co-Creating Decoloniality and a Framework to Construct Eco-Psycho-Social Movements: How do we remember what we've forgotten and how do we not forget what we've remembered? Gordon Lee and Ronia Auelua

Utilizing Compassionate Listening as a Capacity Building Approach for Building Decoloniality Through Exploring Racial Construct and Experience, Jonathan Rudow