Community-University-Funder Alliance for Community Well-being

2 years ago
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Scot Evans

Community-University-Funder Alliance for Community Well-being: A Community Partnership to Build Sector Power and Capacity for Social Impact. We propose the development of a sustainable Community Alliance for building third sector power and capacity. While building the capacity of individual organizations is important, we believe that a strong third sector working together is needed to advance community well-being on a larger scale. We want to foster the type of connectivity that helps foster an environment in which organizations act beyond their own borders; a precondition for more sweeping sector-level change. We believe in the power of network building, and that building social capital among organizations in the sector - creating the conditions for innovative and collaborative activity-is potentially a powerful approach to sector capacity-building and social change. 


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May 25, 2011
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Scot Evans

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    We think you have at least one good community idea. Can you share it with us? Why are we doing this? In a sentence, because positive community change starts with good ideas; and because, given current conditions, we’re going to need all the new ideas we can get. 100 words or less will be excellent. We’ll collect these ideas, then share and discuss them when we meet together at the Biennial.

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