Call for Grant Proposals: SCRA Public Policy Initiative

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Call for Grant Proposals: SCRA Public Policy Initiative

To encourage, promote and support public policy work by its members to benefit communities, the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) has initiated a small grants program.

Proposals may address a wide variety of public policy issues, affecting communities at the local, state, national or international levels.  Projects may take many forms but preference will be given to collaborative projects and those that increase the capacity of SCRA and its members to engage in effective and innovative policy work.  All applications will be subject to blind review.

Who may apply?
Anyone may apply, though the lead applicant on the proposal must be a SCRA member.  Collaborative projects and partnerships with community organizations are strongly encouraged.

What is the maximum grant?
The maximum request is $5,000 each with a minimum of 3 awards expected to be granted during a funding cycle.  The Review Committee will determine the number and amount of the awards.

What is the deadline for proposals and timeframe for completion?
All grant requests must be received by July 15.  The Review Committee expects to notify all applicants of final decisions by September 15.  The expectation is that all projects will be completed within two years of funding approval.  Recipients must provide brief status reports (two page max.) to the Review Committee by January 1 and June 1 of each year until the project is completed.

What are the specific standards and criteria upon which Proposals will be evaluated?
No activities may result in a violation of SCRA's 501(C)(3) status or its by-laws.  Proposals will be evaluated based on how well they:
o   address a current public policy issue of importance to the community of interest
o       connect to community psychology (CP)
o   address a policy area where CP has a  contribution to make
o     demonstrate the potential to establish or build upon relationships with other organizations and their resources
o        demonstrate potential to have a successful impact
o      increase capacity of communities/groups,  to influence public policy
o   increase capacity of SCRA, to influence public policy
o  articulate an appropriate budget that effectively supports the proposed activities and ensures accountability of expenditures
o  demonstrate effective dissemination of results or outcome, such as including, but not limited to, publication in AJCP or TCP, Biennial and/or APA Conference presentations or dissemination to other relevant publications and stakeholders

How will the grant funding be disbursed?
Generally, recipients will be awarded 25% upon the start of the project, with the balance spread over the duration of the grant, after receipt of the status reports due January 1, June 1 each year.  All applicants shall include a timetable with deliverables, as appropriate, and may propose other timing with justification.

Filing Process
Requests shall include a cover letter and a Grant Proposal (5-10 pages) with all identifying information removed for blind review, in Word document format, sent to: by July 15. 

How  can further information be obtained?
There is a pre-conference Workshop at the Chicago SCRA Conference on June 15 on Public Policy that may be helpful to attend.  Also, a Lunch Session at the Conference is planned for June 16 at the Biennial to describe the Program. Finally, any questions may be directed to


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