Invitation to join Collaboration Learning Network Listserv

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Invitation to join Collaboration Learning Network Listserv

At this year's SCRA, we facilitated a session aimed at promoting dialogue and networking among folks interested in advancing theory and research of collaborative approaches to community change.  Out of this session came the suggestion to put together a listserv to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and resources among scholars and practitioners who work in collaborative settings. To this end, Scot Evans, Nicole Allen, and I have created the Collaboration Learning Network listserv.  We would like to invite you to join by sending a blank email to: collab-learn-net-subscribe@topicacom.  More information about the listserv is provided below.  Please forward information to others outside of the SCRA community who might be interested as well.
List email:
To subscribe, send an email to:  collab-learn-net-subscribe@topicacom
or go here:
WHO is the Collaboration Learning Network for?
The Collaboration Learning Network is for scholars and practitioners who work in and/or study collaborative settings.   It is for individuals who would like to help build and be a part of a vibrant intellectual community interested in community collaboration.
WHAT is the Collaboration Learning Network for?
The Collaboration Learning Network is a forum for 1) sharing and getting feedback on works-in-progress, 2)  generating discussion around a topic of current interest related to collaboration, 3) getting help with a problem or identifying resources that can help inform your work, 4) announcing resources and opportunities of interest to the list, 5) facilitating further action planning on how to create spaces for advancing the study of collaboration, and  6) professional networking.
We hope that you will join us in this effort.  Once you've joined - introduce yourself and get involved!   Fledgling listservs often die of neglect.  Posting to a listserv is sometimes intimidating and can feel like shouting out to the wilderness.  It is important that the wilderness shouts back.  Active participation and shared leadership from the member community will be necessary if the listserv is to grow and become an established resource.  
We look forward to seeing you all on the collaboration learning network!


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August 6, 2011
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