Developing New Community Ideas at the Biennial

2 years ago
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We think you have at least one good community idea. Can you share it with us?

At the upcoming Biennial, we will be holding two sessions on Developing New Community Ideas, on Friday and Saturday mornings.  We warmly welcome you to join us for both.

Why are we doing this?  In a sentence, because positive community change starts with good ideas; and because, given current conditions, we're going to need all the new ideas we can get.          

On a list-serv note next week, we will be posting a more detailed Call for Ideas, requesting that you send them in before the Biennial. Please stay tuned for that announcement.

But for now, we invite you to get in early. If you have an interesting and innovative new community idea you particularly like, please send it our way ( 100 words or less will be excellent.  We'll collect these ideas, then share and discuss them when we meet together.

So please watch this space next week for a more detailed Call.

Thanks, everyone; more soon, and looking forward to seeing you in Chicago.

                                                ~~ Bill

Bill Berkowitz

 Gina Cardazone

Victoria Chien

Dyana Valentine

and Tom Wolff

Co-leaders for the New Community Ideas sessions


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May 25, 2011
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