Invitation to Public Policy Programs - 2013 Biennial

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Invitation to Public Policy Programs

SCRA Biennial Miami, Florida

June 2013

The Policy Committee invites you to attend all Policy related sessions of interest. Please mark schedules accordingly.  We welcome new members! If you wish to join the Policy Committee, please contact the Chair, Judah Viola at We look forward to seeing you!

Pre-Conference Session (All Day June 25: 9am-5pm)         Location: LC 184

Title: Public Policy: Learning the In's and Out's of Public Policy Work from a CP Perspective-B. Olson

J. Hill, S. Wolfe, L. Jason, K. Maton, M. Strompolis, C. Corbett, S. Howe, J. Viola & J. Miles


Panels & Roundtables:

1) Title: Social Change through Policy Advocacy: How to Evaluate Efforts and Demonstrate Effectiveness

M. Strompolis, G. Borom, J. Miles

Day/Time: Thursday 2:15-3:15                                              Location: MM 313


2) Title: Understanding and Impacting Policy: The Context and Process of Policy Relevant Research

A. Boal, K. Maton, C. Connell, J. A. Freiberg, E. Mankowski, A. Martinez, M. Cloud

Day/Time: Friday 9:00-10:30                                                Location: LC 190


3) Title: Enhancing Individual and Collective Capacity to Influence Social Policy: A Roundtable Discussion

K. Maton, M. Strompolis, J. Hill

Day/Time: Friday 1:45-2:45                                                 Location: LC 184


4) Title: The Role of Community Psychologists in the Promotion of a Clean Election Campaign in Puerto Rico.

D. Perez-Jimenez, S. Rodriguez-Medina, I. Serrano-Garcia

Day/Time: Friday 1:45-2:45                                                 Location: MM315


5) Title: Health Policy Spanning Time & Place: Understanding Impact of Policies on Vulnerable Populations

J. Viola, F. Balcazar, L. Back, M. Garcia-Ramirez, D. Ingleby, C. Keys, K. Mcauliff, M. White, A Williams

Day/Time: Saturday 9:00-10:30                                             Location: LC 190


6) Title: What the First Round of SCRA Policy Grants Can Tell Community Psychology about Policy Rsch.

J. Miles, M. Strompolis, A. Boal, G. Borom, B. Oudekerk

Day/Time: Saturday 4:15-5:45                                              Location: MM 218


7) Title: Linking Policy, Planning, Development, and Evaluation

S. Howe, M. J. Amon, C. Cominsky

Day/Time: Saturday 4:15-5:45                                              Location: LC 190


8) Title: Implementing a Wellness and Resilience Paradigm within Health Care and Criminal Justice Systems: Innovations to Base Prevention Programs and Policies on Stakeholders' Strengths

A. Mooss, M. Hartman, D. Kaysen, D. O'Connell  

Day/Time: Saturday 4:15-5:45                                              Location: MM 212



Title: Public Policy 401: Legislative Bill Analysis to Influence Public Policy- Core Competency #15

C. Corbett

Day/Time: Thursday 8:30-10:30                                             Location: MM 216


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