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An invitation from Jim Dalton, Steve Davis, & Elizabeth Thomas (facilitators) and SCRA Council on Education Programs (sponsor):
Come to the Syllabus/Teaching Exchange session at the biennial!
Meet colleagues who teach undergraduate and graduate courses in community psychology or community research and action.
Participate in our roundtable discussion on teaching community psychology.
Learn about distinctive courses, exercises, projects, and teaching innovations.
Upload or bring your course syllabus or other teaching materials to exchange with others.
Learn about teaching resources on the SCRA website's Education Connection.
How to participate in our Exchange:
1. Upload your syllabus or other teaching resource or materials (optional):
If you choose, please upload your course syllabus and/or other teaching resources/materials to the biennial webpage.  This can include descriptions of course projects, community-based learning experiences, or other teaching/learning activities.  
Your resource will be available there for others to download before, during or after the biennial.  
SCRA members: sign in at  and go to the 2011 Biennial homepage.
At the bottom of that page, click on the folder for 6-16 Thursday, then on AM Sessions and the Teaching Community Psychology Roundtable folder.  If you are signed in as an SCRA member, you may upload your syllabus or other resource there.

You can review the syllabi and resources above even if you didn't upload one.
2. Come to our session, and bring a copy of your syllabus to share:
Whether you uploaded a syllabus/resource or not, please bring ONE paper copy of your syllabus/resource to the roundtable, Thursday, June 16, 10:45-11:30 am, Harold Washington Library Multipurpose Room A.  
We will take time in the roundtable to pass around syllabi/resources for others to peruse, and ask the author of each to briefly (1-2 minutes) describe something about the course.  
3. Upload to the Education Connection webpages (optional):

Before or after the biennial, uploading your syllabus or teaching resource to the Education Connection webpages at makes your materials available on a sustained basis to others who are teaching or developing courses in community psychology and related areas.  Exchange is a two-way process that works best when you choose resources to download, and  contribute resources for others to use.
We look forward to seeing you at the Exchange!
Jim Dalton, Steve Davis, Elizabeth Thomas, Facilitators


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