Managing Associate in Research & Capacity Building

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Managing Associate in Research & Capacity Building 

(Washington, DC Area) 

Do you want your work to have a bigger impact? 

Are you looking for the opportunity and flexibility to pursue your research and social 

change strategies? 

Do want towork aspart of teamthatvalues quality work and making adifference? 

Do you want to be the best you can be as a scientist-practitioner? 

Do you want to be part of the development of a new model organization for social 

change professionals where scientific rigor, practical solutions, professional 

development, entrepreneurship, and progressive social values come together? 

If this is you, then consider this:  

The Association for the Study and Development of Community (ASDC) is looking for a full-time  

Managing Associate to lead research and technical assistance tasks for national and local  

initiative across the US. You will be working with public agency and nonprofit representatives,  

community leaders, evaluators, and others on federal, state, and foundation initi atives. We are  

looking for an individual to join us in taking the professional practice of social change through  

science and capacity building to a higher level. We promote teamwork, excellence in our work,  

and the professional development of all of our community members.  

We are looking for someone with the knowledge, skills, and experience in: 1) systems and  

community change to promote healthy communities and families in order to address social  

problems such as poverty, health inequities, substance abuse, violence, HIV, and crime as well a  

healthy human development; and 2) community organization and development, community  

capacity building, or community building. The successful candidate must be committed to  

scientific rigor and progressive social change through community capacity building.  

The successful candidate must have: 

Two years prior experience (minimum) in the implementation of research or  

evaluation of community based or systems changes projects.  

Masters or doctoral degree (preferred) in a social science, public health, or related  


Prior task management and staff supervisory experience and skills  

Successful past experience conducting research or evaluation cross culturally  

Demonstrated proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research skills, including  

data collection and management.  

Analysis skills, including the use of computer analysis tools (e.g. SPSS, Atlas, or GIS)  

Ability to travel  

Strong communication (written and verbal) skills including publications in scientific  

or practitioner outlets  

Ability to multi-task, attend to details, and meet strict deadlines

Salary and Benefits: 

Salary is commensurate with skills and experience. Full benefits including medical, professional  

development, health promotion, and a retirement plan with company match. The position will 

be filledas soon asasuitable candidateisfound. 

To apply: 


Send resumes, writing sample (single authored) and references to:  


438 North Frederick Avenue, Suite 315  

Gaithersburg, MD 20877 (Washington, DC area)  

Fax: (301) 519-0724 

ABOUT ASDC- Using Science to Build the Capacity for Change 

The Association for the Study & Development of Community (ASDC) is an organization involved  

in research & capacity building initiatives locally & nationally to develop the health, economic  

equity, & social justice of communities. We have developed a community of practice and are  

strongly committed to the professional development of our members.  

ASDC staff provides award winning services to government agencies, foundations, non-profit  

organizations and community based organization such as: research and technical assistance on  

community capacity building; evaluation technical assistance, participatory research and  

learning evaluations; training and consultation on community development, community  

building, and collaboration; and identification and replication of successful community  


ASDC is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to a culturally diverse staff to  

enhance our ability to work with different communities.  

Visit our web site for a more detailed description of our  



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