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PRB has a GS-14 Behavioral Scientist vacancy announcement that opened yesterday (10/6/2008) both internally (merit promotion/status candidates) and externally (general public) - it is currently open for one week but we have asked that the announcement be extended to 2 weeks (to close 10/20/08). 

Below are the vacancy announcement numbers and job duties:

Internal announcement vacancy number:  HHS-CDC-T3-2009-0023

External announcement vacancy number:  HHS-CDC-D3-2009-0014 

The incumbent will be responsible for:  (1) providing scientific 
leadership, coordination and formulation of policies for the Branch 
related to the development and implementation of research on the 
disseminating of effective behavioral interventions; (2) oversight 
of technology transfer projects to improve accessibility and 
usability of effective HIV behavioral interventions; (3) oversight 
of the development of scientific papers; and, (4) provision of 
technical consultation and assistance on dissemination and 
technology transfer issues to CDC scientist and staff, CDC-funded 
prevention partners, and other national and international prevention 
programs including state and local health departments, community- 
based and other non-profit organizations, and colleges, 
universities, medical schools and schools of public health.  The 
incumbent will also serve as project officer for one of more new HIV 
intervention packages.  Incumbent will also serve as branch liaison 
to other CDC branches and national and international governmental 
and non-governmental agencies on HIV-related behavioral research 
related to the dissemination and replication of effective behavioral 
interventions to reduce the spread of HIV in vulnerable populations.


Carolyn Guenther-Grey, M.A. 
Deputy Chief,  Prevention Research Branch 
Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention 
National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
phone: 404-639-1908 
fax: 404-639-1950 
email: CGuenther-Grey


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October 7, 2008
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