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For people who are new to web publishing, you need to consider how you add content to a web page.  The biggest mistake people make is to copy directly from a word processing program, like MS Word or email, and paste directly into the web editor.  Initially, the results in the WYSIWYG editor may look good, but what you don't see is that in the HTML you've also copied over the word processing code that can BREAK your web page.

When adding content to the editor there are three ways you can do this:

  1. Type directly in the editor
  2. Use the "Paste as Plain Text"  icon .  This strip any unwanted source code that could break your site.
  3. Use the "Paste from Word"  icon.  This is a best attempt to convert your Microsoft content and make the code web safe.

Follow these simple steps and you will avoid headaches.

[This tip was originally posted by Pam Martin at Igloosoftware here:  Follow this link for more tips and tricks from Igloo]


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January 11, 2010
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