How do I get full access to AJCP online?

3 years ago
OfflineSCRA Web Admin
SCRA Web Admin

If you are a member of SCRA you get full online access to AJCP articles. Make sure you are logged in to the site, the go here to follow the links to AJCP. If you are having trouble, try following the steps in the attachment. 


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OfflineJohn Petty John Petty said 2 years ago

I am a student member and specifically joined the organization to have access to the journal. Ninety percent or more of the time, I'm told I can have access only if I purchase purchase the article. I sign in through SCRA, it says SCRA in the box on the Springer link.

OfflineSCRA Web Admin SCRA Web Admin said 2 years ago

Once you are logged in to the SCRA website, you should be able to access AJCP online here: 

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October 4, 2010
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