How do I update my "status" in my online profile?

3 years ago
OfflineSCRA Web Admin
SCRA Web Admin

The SCRA website has many social networking features that allow you to connect with others. One of the features is the "online status" which is similar to Facebook or Twitter in that you can tell the world what you are up to by answering one simple question:  What are you doing right now?

To set or change your status on the SCRA site, 

1) Log into the SCRA website using the email address and password that you registered with;

2) Click on your name in the top left corner of the browser window and select "profile" from the drop-down box;

3) With your profile window open, click on the "What are you doing right now?" phrase in the top left of the frame to enter your text. 

4) Click "set status" to save. 




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August 23, 2010
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