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4 years ago
OfflineRoger Mitchell
Roger Mitchell

A Publicaton series is a big undertaking for SCRA. We all have an investment in its success, whether or not we are interested in becoming editor or submitting proposals.   So please take a few moments to share your ideas about the directions a Publication series should take. The Publications Committee has asked those considering the Editor position to take a look at comments posted here before submitting a proposal. Please take a few moments to share your thought, so that prospective applicants can draw on the best collective wisdom of the Division. Your comments and ideas might shape the proposal of the person ultimately  selected as editor.    Thanks.

Roger Mitchell
Publications and Electronic Communications Committee


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OfflineRegina Langhout Regina Langhout said 4 years ago

HI there - I took the survey but then had an idea later, so Iwanted to mention it here. I'm really interested in having someseminal community psychology pieces written in languages other thanEnglish translated into English. I think this would be a reallyimportant way for monolingual English speakers to learn more aboutwhat's happening in CP around the world. I think this might alsohelp address some of the critiques around insularity of US-based CPthat we sometimes hear about.

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August 25, 2009
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Roger Mitchell

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    A Publications Series is a big step for SCRA. Your comments about the directions of such a series are important, even if you have no interest in submitting your name as prospective Editor. Those considering submitting their name in nomination as Editor are encouraged to read this forum to get a sense of what the membership thinks. So, please weigh in with your thoughts about what a Publication Series should look like.

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