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Types of Membership Price
SCRA US Membership: Psychologists and people from related disciplines such as psychiatry, social work, sociology, anthropology, public health, and political science, including teachers, researchers, and activists. $75.00
SCRA International Membership: Non-US Members. $60.00
SCRA International Membership - Electronic Publications Only: Non-US Members. $30.00
SCRA Student Membership: Undergraduate and graduate students in psychology and related disciplines. $30.00
SCRA Senior Member: must be 65 or over, retired, and a member of SCRA/Div 27 for 20 years. $15.00
SCRA Undergrad Membership - Electronic Publication Only: Available to any current undergraduate student and any recent (within a year) graduate who has not entered graduate school. Both US and International students are eligible. two years, $15.00
SCRA Early Career Membership: Available to individuals for the first consecutive three years after obtaining a terminal degree. If individual has accepted one-year gift membership, Early Career Membership term is limited to two years. Both US and International graduates are eligible. $45.00
SCRA 12-month New Graduate Gift Membership - Electronic Publication Only: Membership must be activated within six months after graduation with a terminal degree. Following the gift membership year, you are eligible for two years of an Early Career Membership, a discounted membership with electronic publication access only. If you are eligible, please email and request access to the Gift Membership application.  $0

Electronic Delivery of TCP and AJCP

If you are an SCRA member and wish to receive your copy of AJCP electronically rather than a hard copy, you can choose that option by changing the settings in your membership profile. To log in to your membership profile go to this page

Look for the filed that says: "Journal Subscription - AJCP and select either electronic or print. 

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