Emory Cowen Dissertation Award


The Society for Community Research and Action grants an annual dissertation award to the best dissertation identified on a topic relevant to positive well-being and the prevention of dysfunction completed during the prior two years. The Dissertation Award was established in 1997.

Past Award Recipients

2018      Michelle Stratton

Dissertation Title: Culture, Resilience, and Adaptation: The Voices of Rwandan and Congolese Refugees 

              Advisor: Dr. Mary Watkins, Pacifica Graduate Institute

2017      Simon Coulombe

Dissertation Title: Self-management Questionnaire and Profiles of Recovery from Anxiety and Mood Disorders.  

             Advisor: Janie Houle, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

2016      Sarah Reed

Dissertation Title: Thriving and Adapting: Resilience, sense of community and systemics among young Black gay and bisexual men

2015      Andrew Case


Dissertation Title: More Than Meets the Eye: Exploring a Black Cultural Center as a Counterspace for African American College Students

2014      Lindsay Satterwhite Mayberry

              Advisor:  Beth Shinn & Craig Anne Helfinger

Dissertation Title: Family Processes in the Context of Housing Instability and Intensive Service Use: Implications for Parenting and Caregiver Wellbeing

2013      Frank Snyder

            Advisor: Brian Flay

Dissertation Title: Enhancing social-emotional and character development for youths' success: A theoretical orientation and an evaluation using a cluster-randomized design

2012      Allison Dymnicki

            Advisor: Roger Weissberg                 

Dissertation Title: The Relation of School Factors to Changes Associated with a Violence Prevention Program

2011      David Faigan, Bowling Green State University


Dissertation Title: Community-based Theater and Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities: An Investigation of Individual and Group Development, Social Activism, and Community Integration

2010        Natalie Wilkins, Georgia State University

              Advisor: Gabriel Kuperminc

Dissertation Title: Family Processes Promoting Achievement Motivation and Perceived School Competence among Latino Youth: A Cultural-ecological-transactional Perspective

2009        Andrew Lohmann, Claremont Graduate University

              Adviser: Dale Berger

Dissertation Title: The Impact of a Freeway on Neighborhood: Sense of community, Size, and Methods of Measurement

2008        Louis Brown, Wichita State University

              Advisor: Greg Meissen

Dissertation Title: Making it Sane: The Participation Benefits of Consumer-Run Organizations

2007        Lisabeth Finn

2005        Elise Cappella, University of California at Berkeley

              Advisor: Rhona Weinstein

 Dissertation Title: The Prevention of Social Aggression Among Girls

2004      Caren Caty, California School of Professional Psychology

2003      Jessica Rose Goodkind, Michigan State University

Dissertation Title: Promoting Refuge Well-Being: A Community Based Advocacy and Learning Intervention.

2002      Shaun Haines, Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco

2001      Iain Butterworth

2000      Emily Ozer, University of California at Berkeley

Dissertation Title: Urban Adolescents' Exposure to Violence: The Role of Support, School Safety, and Social Constraints in a School-Based Sample of Boys and Girls.

1999      Sybil Madison

1998      Htiro Yoshikawa, New York University

1997      Lisa Blum, Rutgers University