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We are currently accepting nominations for two dissertation awards. 



Best Dissertation on a Topic Relevant to Community Psychology:

The purpose of the Society for Community Research and Action annual dissertation award is to identify the best doctoral dissertation on a topic relevant to the field of community psychology completed between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2012- any dissertation completed within these dates may be submitted.  The completion date for the dissertation refers to the date of acceptance of the dissertation by the granting university's designate officer (e.g., the graduate officer), not the graduation date.  Last year's nominees (excluding the winner) may resubmit dissertations if the dates are still within the specified timeframe.

Criteria for the award:  Relevance of the study to community psychology, with particular emphasis on important and emerging trends in the field; scholarly excellence; innovation and implications for theory, research and action; and methodological appropriateness.

 Emory L. Cowen Dissertation Award for the Promotion of Wellness:

This award will honor the best dissertation of the year in the area of promotion of wellness. Wellness is defined consistent with the conceptualization developed by Emory Cowen, to include the promotion of positive well-being and the prevention of dysfunction. Dissertations are considered eligible that deal with a range of topics relevant to the promotion of wellness, including: a) promoting positive attachments between infant and parent, b) development of age appropriate cognitive and interpersonal competencies, c) developing settings such as families and schools that favor wellness outcomes, d) having the empowering sense of being in control of one's fate, and e) coping effectively with stress. The dissertation must be completed between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2012- any dissertation completed within these dates may be submitted.

Criteria for the award:  Dissertations of high scholarly excellence that contribute to knowledge about theoretical issues or interventions are eligible for this award.

For Both Dissertation Awards:

The winners of both dissertation awards will each receive a prize of $100, a one year complimentary membership in SCRA, and up to $300 in reimbursement for travel expenses in order to receive the award at the APA meeting in 2014.

 Materials required:  Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by a member of SCRA.  A cover letter and a detailed dissertation abstract should be submitted electronically to the Chair of the Dissertation Awards Committee. The nomination cover letter should include the name, graduate school affiliation and thesis advisor, current address, phone number, and (if available) email address and fax number of the nominee. The abstract should present a statement of the problem, methods, findings, and conclusions. Abstracts typically range from 4-8 pages and may not exceed ten double spaced pages, including tables and figures.Identifying information should be omitted from the abstract.

Evaluation process:  All abstracts will be reviewed by the dissertation awards committee.  Finalists will be selected and asked to submit their full dissertation electronically (finalists whose dissertations exceed 150 pages may be asked to send selected chapters).  The committee will then review the full dissertations and select the winners.

Nomination Process and Deadline for Submission:  Submit an electronic copy of the cover letter and dissertation abstract to the Chair of the Dissertation Awards Committee, David Faigin, Ph.D., by December 1, 2012. Please send all submissions and any questions to Sarah Lowe

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