Minority Mentorship Award

Ethnic Minority Mentorship Award

2007 Recipients: Craig Brookins, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Hirokazu Yoshikawa, New York University, New York, NY

The purpose of SCRA’s annual Ethnic Minority Mentorship Award is to recognize an SCRA member who has made exemplary contributions to the mentorship of ethnic minority persons. Mentorship may be provided in various forms. It may entail serving as the academic advisor of ethnic minority graduate or undergraduate students; developing strategies to increase the acceptance and retention of ethnic minority students; involvement in efforts to recruit and retain ethnic minority faculty members; or providing opportunities for ethnic minority persons to become involved in positions of leadership within community-oriented research or intervention projects.

Criteria for the award include: Specific criteria for the award include two or more of the following: (1) consistent, high quality mentorship and contributions to the professional development of one or more ethnic minority students and/or recent graduates involved in community research and action; (2) contribution to fostering a climate in their setting that is supportive of issues relevant to racial/ethnic diversity and conducive to the growth of ethnic minority students and/or beginning level graduates; (3) a history of involvement in efforts to increase the representation of ethnic minority persons either in their own institutions, research programs, or within SCRA; (4) consistent contributions to the structure and process of training in psychology related to cultural diversity, particularly in community programs. 

Nomination Process and Deadline for Submission: Both self-nominations and nominations by students or colleagues will be accepted. Those submitting nominations should send: 1) A nomination letter (no more than 3 pages long) summarizing the contributions of the nominee to the mentorship of ethnic minority persons; 2) Name and contact information (address, telephone, email) of at least one additional reference (two if a self-nomination) who can speak to the contributions the nominee has made to the mentorship of ethnic minority persons (see above criteria)—at least one reference must be from an ethnic minority person who was mentored; and, 3) A curriculum vita of the nominee. Collaborative work with ethnic minority mentees, as well as other activities or publications relevant to the criteria indicated above, should be highlighted. 

The Award Subcommittee of the SCRA Committee for Racial and Cultural Affairs will review all nominations submitted by the deadline. Statements from additional references will then be requested, and the committee will make a final review of all materials. The award will be presented at the 2008 American Psychological Association Convention in Washington, DC. 

Please email nominations by December 15, 2008, to Rhonda Lewis Mott.

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