Sarason Award for CRA

Seymour B. Sarason Award for Community Research and Action

2007 Recipient:  Raymond P. Lorion, Towson University, Towson, MD

The Seymour B. Sarason Award for Community Research and Action was established in 1993 to recognize people working in the conceptually demanding, creative, and groundbreaking tradition of Seymour B. Sarason.

This tradition includes:

  1. novel and critical rethinking, reframing, and reworking of basic assumptions, approaches, and issues in the human services, education, psychology, mental retardation and other areas of community research and action
  2. major books and other scholarship that reflect these new approaches within the context of historical wisdom
  3. action-research and other action efforts that reflect these new approaches

Those working both in academia and applied settings, including government, are eligible for the award. The award is given biennially.
The award winner is invited to present a major address at the Society for Community Research and Action’s biennial conference and receives a $1,000 award from the funds collected by the Awards Committee


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