SCRA Policy Grants

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Item Listing: SCRA Policy Grants
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  2011, Boal, Batterer In...onse to State Standards
Summary of 2011 SCRA Policy Grant - Batterer Intervention Programs’ Response to State Standards
-     20.9 KBMichael Brubacher853 
  Call for Grant Proposals -     23 KBMichael Brubacher316 
  Status Report form -     21.1 KBMichael Brubacher187 
  2012, Matson, The Mobil...ness and Transportation -     10.6 KBMichael Brubacher476 
  2012, Lugalia-Hollon & ...ative Community Justice -     11.2 KBMichael Brubacher347 
  2011, Miles, Collaborat...s of Children First/CIS -     23.6 KBMichael Brubacher193 
  2012, Martinez, Barrier...ti-bullying Legislation -     11.8 KBMichael Brubacher349 
  2011, Oudekerk and Repu...s among Offending Girls
Summary of Oudekerk & Repucci's Recognizing Success Society SCRA Policy Grant winning project
-     13 KBMichael Brubacher741 
  First Policy Grants Awarded
The First Policy Grants Have Been Awarded
-     85.8 KBMichael Brubacher779 
  Public Policy Small Grants program procedures
Public Policy Small Grants Program Procedures
-     149.4 KBMichael Brubacher1009 

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