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This is the Group Space for the Practice Council The Practice Council's purpose is to promote the role of practice in all aspects of SCRA and Community Psychology. Our primary goal is to produce concrete benefits for communities and community groups - we are directly connected to the A in SCRA. Visit our practice wiki to access our many resources for practice.  If our goals speak to you, please contribute to our Council through the monthly phone calls or digitally through these pages.

SCRA Community Mini-Grants

During the Third Round of grants, 2012-2013, we gave a total of 10 awards of up to $1,200 each. Instead of being distributed on a rolling basis, we accepted applications during two distinct time periods, with start dates of: January 1 and July 1.  The total grant funding was divided between the two periods.  In the spirit of making these funds time-sensitive to community needs, our goal was to fund community projects which are set to begin within two months of application date.   

  • Tp see 2013's (Roudn 3) funded projects, clich here.
  • To see 2012's (Round 2) funded projects, click here. 
  • To see 2011's (Round 1) funded projects, click here

The Mini-Grant is designed to help support and catalyze small scall, time-sensitive community interventions, whether action or research based, that are consistent with the SCRA vision, mission, principles and goals. 

2014 Mini Grants Cycle: Now Accepting Applications!!


Questions? Contact the Mini Grant committee at:

The Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice

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Current Issue:
March 2013

(GJCCP) is a new e-journal for practitioners of community psychology and community improvement around the globe. We look forward to working with practitioners and applied researchers to share quality work and to foster a learning community that will contribute to ongoing advances in the broad field of Community Practice, both in psychology and related disciplines. website>>

The unique characteristics of the GJCPP include opportunities to:

  1. Reach a large number of practitioners instantly and cost-effectively
  2. Facilitate real-time interaction around issues, deadlines and opportunities
  3. Provide information access world-wide to lay and professional audiences
  4. Reach individuals and organizations with limited print journal access
  5. Substantially reduce publication lag-time over print media
  6. Enhance breath and diversity of content
  7. Provide keyword searches and on-line inquiry about most current content
  8. Disseminate content exponentially faster over print media
  9. Allow real-time, multi-user interface for open source projects
  10. Increase the likelihood of media coverage and new media links

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Practitioner Vignettes

Community Practice Vignettes

What can you do with a community psychology degree? What type of work are community psychologists around the world doing?

The answers to these questions can be found in our collection of Practitioner Vignettes.  These profiles attempt to showcase community practice in its various forms.  We've asked practitioners to give us a glimpse at their worksites, their daily schedules, the skills they use, and the path that got them to their current careers.  Hopefully these profiles can help aspiring community psychologists better understand the world of community psychology practice.  

Check back often, as we are constantly updating our collection of vignettes:

Practitioners: Want to add yourself to our collection? Please feel free to create a wiki page, or if you need technical assistance, email us at


Digital Practice Call

Can't make this month's phone call? Feel free to contribute here to any of the agenda items. Your input will be recognized on the call.

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