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By SCRA Web Admin – June 29, 2010
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Thanks to the hard work of Al Ratcliffe, Bill Neigher, and other members of the Practice Group, I am proud to post the first copy of the Community Psychology Value Proposition. Feedback and Comments will be greatly appreciated !

Note: this post was originally posted by Oliwier Dziadkowiec

Outside of academia, many employers have not heard of Community Psychology.  Those that have tend to confuse us with clinicians.  We have not marketed our profession very well to potential employers and consultees.  As a result, we are relatively unknown to many of those that might gain value from using our skills.

To begin remedying that situation, the SCRA Practice Group has developed a "value proposition" entitled Introducing Community Psychology.  A copy of the current version can be viewed below or downloaded as a PDF here.



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June 29, 2010
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