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Psychology of Climate Change: An Uncertain Future

By Practice Council Admin

Though the fact of climate change has not been under scientific debate for decades, the uncertainty of climate change remains.  How can this be?  How can fact exist so easily with uncertainty?  "It simply can't" is the answer given by politicians, political pundits, and others who seek to cast doubt on climate sciences.  Especially after the so-called "Climategate" in which climate scientists' emails were leaked to the public and then distorted to show wrong-doing where none existed, the public…

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First Round of Grant Winners Announced!

By Practice Council Admin

The SCRA Community Mini-Grant, sponsored for this first time this year, is a time-sensitive grant designed to be responsive to community needs.

Our first two awardees were announced this year. You can read about their projects below - we are very excited to sponsor them, and look forward to hearing about their work as it progresses.

SCRA plans to offer ten grants, with an average award of $1,200.  All current SCRA members and their community collaborators are welcome to apply. For more information on this grant, please see or email SCRACommunityGrants [at] 

"Sense of Place and Sense of Community in Tuvalu, a Country Being Threatened by Sea Level Rise"
SCRA Member/Applicant: Laura Kati Corlew
This study seeks to understand the cultural impacts of climate change in Tuvalu, a…
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"Americans understand justice." This was the response Gov. Rick Perry gave as to why the audience at a  GOP debate erupted in applause when it was pointed out that he'd order more executions than "any other governor in modern times." Asked whether he ever had trouble sleeping at night wondering if he had been responsible for the death of an innocent person, he replied no, describing capital punishment as "ultimate justice" for horrendous crimes.

Does Rick Perry understand justice? If justice…

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