Community Mini Grant

SCRA Community Mini Grant

Purpose:  To support and help catalyze small scale, time-sensitive community interventions, whether action or research based, that are consistent with the SCRA vision, mission, principles and goals.  (For a list of these, see or download them here).

What is it?  A fast decision-cycle mini-grant program aimed at supporting community-based interventions.  Fifteen awards will be available annually, offering up to $1,200 each.  Open to SCRA members as applicants.  The Mini-Grant accepts pre-applications during three distinct periods April 1, July 1 and October 1.  The total grant funding will be divided among those three periods.  The SCRA Community Mini Grant will begin accepting application April 1, 2014.

How do I apply?  Complete the online pre-application form (see below). If you experience any difficulties, please e-mail us for the pre-application in MS Word. Feedback on pre-applications will be provided in 7-10 days, and applicants whose pre-application forms are approved by reviewers will be invited to fill out a longer (3 page) Round 2 application and proposed budget for funding. 

Your Task:  Demonstrate that your project would produce meaningful and sharable results.  Applications will be subject to a blind-review process.  Be sure to list any matching funds and community partnerships.  Grant activities must not result in a violation of SCRA's 501(C)(3) status or its by-laws.  Grantees must be willing to share the process and results of their funded actions with others. 

Grant Criteria: The goal of this grant is to help communities in "real-time," therefore timeliness and necessity of your proposed project are weighted heavily. Applicants must demonstrate: (a) that their proposed project is prepared to begin within two months of its start date, (b) that their proposed project will produce meaningful and shareable results, and (c) demonstrate the active participation/involvement of community partners.


-      (40%) Addresses a time sensitive community need or opportunity

-      (30%) Has potential for successful implementation and meaningful impact within a one-year grant period

-      (15%) Has significant community involvement and active community partners

-      (15%) Aligns with SCRA vision, mission, principles and goals

SCRA Community Mini Grant Pre-Application Form (online version)

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