Education for the Future of Community Psychology: A focus on Practice Skills

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A main goal of SCRA is "to promote the development of careers in community research and action in both academic and applied settings" ( According to Hazel (2007), we know that at least half of recent graduates of SCRA graduate programs are employed in community settings, and students are increasingly interested in finding careers in positions outside of the academy. Additionally, across Community Psychology (CP) graduate programs; we know there remains a lack of focus on the skills/competencies needed for training students interested in practice-based careers (Dziadkowiec & Jimenez, 2009). This background provides the rationale for why the SCRA Council of Education Programs (CEP) and the Community Psychology Practice Council (CPPC) are concerned that current education in CP does not currently address the most necessary training needs of our students and future change agents.

Following the 2009 SCRA Biennial, the CEP and CPPC developed the CEP-CPPC Joint Task Group to address concerns about education and training for the current state and future of the field. More specifically, this group was developed to address the gap between the careers that community psychologists seek and acquire, and their training needs. Therefore, the mission of the CEP-CPPC Joint Task Group is: To work toward strengthening the role of practice in graduate training by working with graduate training programs to pursue better training options for future practitioners. To date, this group has developed the attached proposal in hopes of promoting the critical examination of our current training contexts among students, faculty, and practitioners through a consultative intervention model in hopes of better preparing our field for the future.

It is hoped that through funding a consultative model, collaborations among our membership and graduate training in CP will engage in the work necessary to integrate the distinguishing core competencies of CP practice with the knowledge of research and theory necessary for action. Currently, the SCRA Executive Committee is in process of considering funding this consultation proposal (attached below).  From earlier discussions with the Executive Committee we know that they are very supportive of this proposal, after the midwinter meeting we will find out if they are able to support it financially.  We welcome your thoughts, reactions and considerations on this endeavor.  Please note, however, that due to time constraints in presenting this to the Executive Committee, suggestions and comments on this effort will be taken into consideration if and when the proposal is funded (during the implementation phase).  

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