Emshoff, Jim

Your Name:   Jim Emshoff                           

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

 Name and website of workplace(s):  EMSTAR Research, Inc.

Georgia State University, Department of Psychology

 Title(s):  Co-President, Director of Research




How would you prefer to be contacted? (Please mark all that apply)

[ x ]  E-mail                 

[  x]  Telephone                       

[  x]   Snail Mail                       

[   ]   Other                                          


Please list professional affiliations that relate to community psychology practice. 


In which of the following formats would you be interested in sharing your account? (Please mark all that apply)

Website X        Book  X           Journal X          Article in "The Community Psychologist"_X_


Would you be willing to participate in longer interview or answer more questions via e-mail or a longer questionnaire? (Please mark all that apply)

[  X ]  Telephone Interview                  

[X   ]  Video Interview 

[ X  ]  Longer Questionnaire    

[   ]  No           


Questions about Your Community Psychology Practice



 Please describe the work you do, for pay, as a community psychologist, including the setting(s) where you work?   

 I have retired from my full-time career as a community psychologist in the Dept. of Psychology, Georgia State University.  However, I still have a part-time research position there.  In addition, I continue to do consultation and program evaluation at EMSTAR Research, which I helped to found 23 years ago.  


What training/education do you have in community psychology?

Ph.D. - Michigan State U.

 Please describe how your training/education contributed to your work as a community psychologist. What do you view as the most important skills you learned in your training as a community psychologist.

 You want me to remember my education from 30-35 years ago?  I was lucky if I remembered it for a week for the next test!   Seriously, I had great training and experience in program evaluation, and was turned on to the issues of dissemination and implementation research, which has been one of my areas of focus over the years.  The concept of science as a road towards social justice was emphasized throughout my training.


 What other experiences or training have contributed to or enhanced your ability to work as a community psychologist? 

 Diverse research settings, teaching, working in a variety of community settings


Are there other ways you use your community psychology background and training, either unpaid or in paid roles other than your primary work? 

 I'd like to think it is part of how I view and respond to the world in general. 

 What advice might you give to students or people considering community psychology as a career?


Do it if it feels right.  Don't do it if it doesn't.  Don't worry (too much) about whether you will work or not.  I don't know any unemployed community psychologists - we all seem to land on our feet in a variety of settings.  Our training and skills prepare us for many valuable roles. 



 Is there anything else you would like to say about your role as a community psychology practitioner?





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