Imm, Pamela

Name:  Pamela Imm

Location: Lexington, South Carolina

Name of workplace:  Self employed, work from home a lot; have an office at LRADAC, the alcohol and drug abuse commission in the county.

Title:  Community Psychologist


 Website:  none

How would you prefer to be contacted?  email


In which of the following formats would you be interested in sharing your account? (mark all that apply):

Website            Book                Journal             (last 2)


Which of the following formats would you be willing to complete? (mark all that apply):

Videotaped interview                Telephone Interview                 Longer questionnaire   (would do all, but probably phone interview is best)


Please describe your primary work including the setting and primary focus of your work:

The main focus of my work is to organize groups to develop solutions to problems that high risk youth often face. This is mainly done by organizing coalitions.  I mainly do this within the state.  I consult with other consulting agencies who ask me to go into places across the country and help think about things like needs/resource assessment, planning, and evaluation once communities already have a coalition.  I do a lot of training and some supervision of graduate students.  I write a lot and publish journal articles as well as books in specific topics.  I also write grants (when I have to) and work on them as well.


Please describe any other work or projects that you do as a community psychologist (paid or volunteer):  Home room mom for my son's  2nd grade class.  Advisory member of a Youth Improvisational theater group in Spartanburg, SC; secretary of our Neighborhood Association


What training do you have in community psychology? What helped prepare you for this career?

 Training is mainly Ph..D. from USC; I also got a masters in clinical-community from UNCC which helped develop my interest in this area.  I try to go to trainings as much as I can even though I also do them.  I feel that I can continually learn new stuff for personal or professional reasons


Please list any professional affiliations:


Other comments or other information relevant to your work as a community practitioner:

Juggling everything is difficult but manageable.  I am fortunate to have a husband who is also flexible with his work hours.


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