What is the Practice Task Force?

What is the Practice Task Force?

The Practice Task Force's purpose is to promote the role of practice in all aspects of SCRA and Community Psychology. Our primary goal is to produce concrete benefits for communities and community groups - we are directly connected to the A in SCRA.

The Practice Task Force (aka., Practice Group) meets monthly by conference call with at least 10-12 on each call, making it one of the most consistently active groups in SCRA.(total membership list includes over 30 names). At this point we have been meeting for the last four years.

Active Members: Pat O Connor, Greg Meissen, David Chavis, David Julian, Ray Scott, Kelly Hazel, Tom Wolff, Bill Berkowitz, Vince Francisco, Pat Garza, Al Ratcliffe, Michelle Bloodworth, Lisette Brunson, Victoria Chien, Jim Cook, Mo Elias, Carolyn Swift, Chris Corbett, Bill Neigher, Cheryl Ramos, Tara Gregory, Diane Betzen; Oli Dziadkowiec; Sarah Jolley; Gloria Levin, Richard Roberts.


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