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The Community Psychologist (TCP) is the Society's newsletter, provides an informal venue for SCRA members to exchange ideas and information. It includesTCP WINTER 2010 -- FINAL-1.jpg briefTCP Winter 2009.jpgreports and reflections on the practice of community research and action, as well as updates and announcements of interest to members. Regular features include columns on women's issues, public policy, international issues, students' concerns, racial and cultural affairs, and job opportunities. SCRA members receive three to four issues of TCP each year.  Jump to the bottom of the page for full access to pdf versions. 

TCP Editor
Maria Chun
University of Hawaii

cover-medium.gifThe American Journal of Community Psychology (AJCP) is the official journal of SCRA. The goals of the journal are to foster scholarly dialogue and debate around issues of theory, empirical research, and intervention in the field of community psychology; to document the work of community psychology and to influence its evolution; to foster an understanding of the interdependence of research and practice; and to seek out ways to engage varied perspectives in scholarly debate (Trickett, 1993).


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AJCP Editor (5 yr. term) Jack Tebes

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