Volume 53   Number 1 Winter 2020

SCRA Member Spotlight

Edited by Dominique Thomas, University of Michigan

The SCRA Member Spotlight lets us engage our members and highlight great work! Each issue we solicit submissions of accomplishments. We especially would like students, early career scholars, and practitioners to submit their accomplishments and work. Submissions can include but are certainly not limited to:

  • New jobs
  • Post-docs
  • Promotions
  • Thesis/Dissertation Defenses
  • Newly published journal articles, books, chapters
  • Podcasts, blogs, news items that are by or about you
  • Certifications or other credentials
  • Retirement
  • Grants
  • Awards
  • Successful/ongoing projects
  • New projects or community initiatives

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B. Thomas Miller (Ashford University) discusses their work, Consulting Psychology. The purpose of this work is to create a positive change in life. People at times will feel a sense of hopelessness and anxiety because the person wants to make a change but for some reason likes the tools in life to make the change. This book offers a guide to help those who may some support in this endeavor. The text of love created because this psychologist observes people who seem to be on a proverbial gerbil wheel of life and seem not to be going and where but wasting energy and wasting time here on earth. This book based on a three-step approach which is subjective to the reader interpretations and the path which works best for her/him. This psychologist believes the best method in this short life makes the best of each day. People look at the past and have an eye on the future, but this psychologist affirmation is people need to live in the present. The goal in life as well as to make the best of each day and live the day as it is your last.

David T. Lardier (The University of New Mexico) is a third-year junior faculty. He published several articles in 2019 related to community wellness, health, and youth empowerment, including: (1) A Spatial Analysis of Alcohol Outlet Density and Abandoned Properties on Violent Crime in Paterson New Jersey. Journal of Community Health; (2) Locating disconnected minoritized youth within urban community-based educational programs in an Era of Neoliberalism, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education; and (4) A latent class analysis of cognitive empowerment and ethnic identity: An examination of heterogeneity between profile groups on dimensions of emotional psychological empowerment and social justice orientation among urban youth of color. Journal of Community Psychology.

August Hoffman (Metropolitan State University) took part in the development of Green Space and Community Gardening programs for Community Residents.

Susan M. Wolfe (Susan Wolfe and Associates, LLC) and Ann Webb Price (Community Evaluation Solutions) published an article in New Directions for Evaluation titled “Partnering for Social Change: Collaborating with Clients and Communities.” It is included in N. Martinez-Rubin, A. A. Germuth, and M.L. Feldman (Eds.), Independent Evaluation Consulting: Approaches and Practices from a Growing Field (#164).