Class Activities

Resources for Class Exercises and Discussions

This section contains resources for planning in-class teaching activities and discussions.

Many articles posted here are from the Community Psychology EducationConnection column of The Community Psychologist. The EducationConnection column presents essays on techniques, innovations, tips and dilemmas for teaching courses in community psychology and related areas, at undergraduate and graduate levels. The Community Psychologist, a periodical appearing four times a year, and the journal American Journal of Community Psychology, are benefits of membership inthe Society for Community Research and Action (see HERE for information on joining SCRA). 

A norm in many mutual help settings is to receive help as needed, and to give help when you can. Please help expand our holdings uploading your class activities here or by sending descriptions of your own teaching activities or resources to

Tips for sharing resources: When uploading resources, choose the appropriate folder and upload your file. Once uploaded, rename the file with your last name and document title (e.g. ahrens, class privilege.pdf). Then, use the comments feature to add your description or any notes. Need help

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