Community Service Learning

Integrating Community Service Learning with Analysis of Community and Social Issues

A norm in many mutual help settings is to receive help as needed, and to give help when you can. Please help expand our holdings by uploading your course syllabus, other course materials, or descriptions of your own teaching activities or resources to the appropriate sections of this area of the SCRA website. You can also send materials to the Council of Education Programs (CEP) directly at:

Tips for sharing resources: When uploading resources, choose the appropriate folder and upload your file. Once uploaded, rename the file with your last name and document title (e.g. ahrens, class privilege.pdf). Then, use the comments feature to add your description or any notes. Need help

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Item Listing: Community Service Learning
Title ascendingSizeModified byRating
  AHRENS TCP.pdf 133.3 KBSCRA Web Admin 
  BRAGA TCP.pdf 144.9 KBSCRA Web Admin 
  BRYANT TCP.pdf 162.6 KBSCRA Web Admin 
  CROSBY-CURRIE TCP.pdf 129.3 KBSCRA Web Admin 
  FORDEN TCP.pdf 123.9 KBSCRA Web Admin 
  GLENWICK TCP .pdf 117.2 KBSCRA Web Admin 
  PHILLIPS on Clubhouses.pdf 191.8 KBSuzanne Phillips 
  TRAN Semester Long Project.pdf 177.2 KBNellie Tran 

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