Graduate Syllabi

Graduate Course Syllabi

Below are graduate course syllabi in community psychology and related areas, and readings lists for comprehensive examinations, in readable documents or through links to websites. Two special categories focus solely on research/evaluation/assessment and on social policy. We also provide links to other online course syllabi clearinghouses. A norm in many mutual help settings is to receive help as needed, and to give help when you can. Please help expand our holdings by uploading your syllabi for sharing or by sending your own syllabi to

To upload your document:  You must be logged into the SCRA website to upload.  Scroll down on this page, until you see a green bar.  Under the green bar, click the folder that is the most appropriate match with what you are gonig to upload.  Then, after you click on the folder, click the "Add File" button.  Then find the file on your computer, and upload it.  Our suggestion is to have the file name be your last name and the course name. Then, use the comments feature to add your description or any notes. Need help

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