Undergraduate Syllabi

Undergraduate Course Syllabi

Below are undergraduate course syllabi in community psychology and related areas, in readable documents or through links to websites. We also provide links to other online course syllabi clearinghouses. A norm in many mutual help settings is to receive help as needed, and to give help when you can. Please help expand our holdings by uploading your syllabi below or by sending to the Council of Education Programs (CEP) at

Links to Other Online Syllabus Clearinghouses

Community Psychology Net Lecture Hall - Additional source of course syllabi in community research and action. 
Comm-Org: On-Line Conference on Community Organizing and Development - Syllabi Collection for courses in community organization and related forms of community activism.
Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology - A broad collection of course syllabi in psychology, including courses in Psycho logy of Women, Health Psychology, and Peace Psychology. 

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Item Listing: Undergraduate Syllabi
TitleSizeModified byRating ascending
  Research Methods Community Psyc 3rd year seminar Loomis 2007 3 itemsColleen Loomis 
  Langhout Qual Research Meth.pdf 159.4 KBScot Evans 
  Crosby-Currie CP.pdf 280.7 KBScot Evans 
  Perkins CP.pdf 109.5 KBScot Evans 
  Mankowski CP.pdf 303 KBScot Evans 
  Shinn CP.pdf 216.1 KBScot Evans 
  Nelson link Comm Psy 482.doc 27 KBScot Evans 
  Hazel CP.pdf 308.2 KBScot Evans 
  Fisher Comm Psy & Health.pdf 126 KBScot Evans 
  Harrell CP.pdf 212.3 KBScot Evans 
  Campbell CP .pdf 154.6 KBScot Evans 
  Ramos CP.pdf 288.6 KBScot Evans 
  wandersman community psych undergrad.doc 125 KBJason Katz 
  Shinn Homelessness.pdf 142.1 KBScot Evans 
  Elias Internship.pdf 63.2 KBScot Evans 
  Olson Human Rights.doc 70.5 KBBrad Olson 
  Ahrens CP.pdf 194.6 KBScot Evans 
  Kloos, Comm Psy.pdf 212.5 KBJames Dalton Jr 
  Galano, Prev Sci Comm Psy.pdf 148.4 KBJames Dalton Jr 
  Fisher, Comm Psy.pdf 323 KBScot Evans 
  Phillips, CP 2008.docx 46.3 KBSuzanne Phillips 
  Black - Social Justice and Diversity.pdf 368.3 KBCEP Admin 
  Berkowitz Solving Social Probs.pdf 144.5 KBScot Evans 
  Elias CP .pdf 112.7 KBScot Evans 
  Kuperminc CP.pdf 132 KBScot Evans 
  Berkowitz CP.pdf 149.1 KBScot Evans 
  Stokols, Environ Psy.pdf 252.6 KBJames Dalton Jr 
  Using Self Disclosure to Introdu...grads to CP - Majer_TCP_2009.pdf 2.7 MBCEP Admin 
  Forster CP.pdf 50.8 KBScot Evans 
  Dalton CP .pdf 262 KBScot Evans 
  Nelson - Community Psychology.pdf 267 KBScot Evans 
  Leavy CP.pdf 140.7 KBScot Evans 
  Intro_Community_Psych_Loomis_2006.pdf 233.8 KBColleen Loomis 

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